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Update time! 9-month 4c hair growth journey

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Ok, we're back and with an update, well actually the first in-depth update since I started my hair growth journey back in September 2020.

The reason I started this hair journey was many reasons but the main ones included, regaining my edges, my self-confidence, and just curiosity as to how long I could grow my hair and busting the myth surrounding Nilotic hair growth. When I started my hair journey I had set up an account on instagram called naturafnilotics to document it, however when I found out how great it was working for me I had decided to share it with those who were in the same boat as me and created Nyidii.

Ok, so let's get into it, I will start by going all the way back to the beginning of the journey.

September 2020

As you can see my edges were gone, my hair was thin,

dry, brittle, and experiencing a lot of breakages. At this point in my life, I had given up due to the lack of education available on the growing of 4C hair and just decided to hide my hair (yes I said it!) behind wigs, braids, etc.

However, after getting motivated after binge-watching natural hair YouTubers I gathered the nerve and I made a commitment to the journey of growing my hair. As you can see the image to the right is the length I started with. Of course, I had to experiment with products and hair care routines that worked well with my hair type, as well as that could fit into my lifestyle; as this was not going to be a quick fix. AS you can see from the pics below I quickly realised three important things that help retain length so when your hair grows you see the results, and are not held back by breakage.

October 2020

At this point, I had figured out what products and methods work best on my hair for hydration, moisturising, and protection. I realised my edges would rub against the wig cap causing friction and breakage, so I decided to stick to doing braids for one month before taking them down, washing and deep conditioning my hair before putting it back into box braids (protective style).

As you can see from the picture after 1 month my hair is looking softer, bouncier with a small hair growth.

November 2020

After 2 months there is growth in length and also the hair is looking fuller, healthier, and moisturised. From the picture below you can see the curls/coils are more defined.

December 2020

For the first 3 months, I noticed my edges were growing well, but during lockdown (around the 4th month) I had unfortunately neglected my hair a bit, by not hydrating and moisturising my hair each day. It may take time to get used to putting the routine in your lifestyle, but it is very important it has a time and place for haircare.

January - May 2021

I have noticed my hair grows around 1 inch a month, and on each month's picture it becomes fuller nearer the top and the ends a little thinner. Now imagine if every time your hair grows an inch then you detangle incorrectly, causing breakage which takes away the 1 inch leaving you with the same length each month. It is imperative you take time when doing your hair, and also have a routine that hydrates, moisturises, and feeds your hair in order to create healthy hair and retain your length so you can see the growth each month. My hair has become softer, healthier, and manageable, as well as I'm seeing improvement on my edges. I would say using the hair care routine I am using currently, has allowed my hair length to double then what I had started off with, in the beginning. It also leaves me excited to see what another 9 months can do.

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