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Meet nyibol

NYIDII Hair Products was created due to the founder having bald spots on her edges and damaged hair that just wouldn't grow. Leaving her with a lifetime of wearing wigs and braid extensions to cover this unattractive situation. During this time she was limited in her hairstyles, those who knew her would recall not seeing her in updo hairstyles or pulled back hairstyles simply because of her lack of edges.

So, enough being enough after experimenting with different ingredients, she found a method that left her hair soft, healthy, strong, and actually growing! 

A woman's hair is her crown and beauty and NYIDII Hair has been working towards creating products that help nourish and help promote a healthy environment for hair to grow.

In less than 3 months our founder saw a difference and by 7 months she doubled her hair length and is enjoying the growth of her edges again. She has challenged herself to keep growing her hair for 5 years to reach thigh-length hair. And you can find out more about the hair care routine that best worked for her on our blog page.

The products used in our hair products are all-natural, as we believe when we were created, our Creator thought of everything we could need for our sustainability, healing, revitalization, and so forth, in what we know today as herbs, vegetables, and fruits; perfect nutrients combined together for effective purposes.


We have products that are vegan and also Organic as we do not believe in providing to others something we would not put in our own hair. NYIDII is the first three letters of our founder's first name and the first three letters of her middle name.

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